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DIGGA’s 12ALS Torque Motor with ECV Anti-Kickback Valve & Integrated Pressure Relief is Featured on a (48) Helical Pile Project at MIT in Cambridge, MA

Summer, 2017

Massachusetts Institute of Technology facilities operations initiated a plan to relocate three modular buildings on campus (office, bunkhouse and garage) that were located on Vassar St. to a new location on Albany St.  Helical piles were selected by the project engineer because of the piles’ fast installation, no vibration during installation and the piles’ ability to provide both compression and tension resistance.

The helical pile installer purchased the DIGGA 12ALS torque motor to install the piles for supporting the relocated structures.

Pile installation information:

  • Number of Helical Piles: (48)
  • Helical Pile Specs: 2.875” O.D. X 0.203 Wall (Sch. 40); Galvanized
  • Helix Configurations: 8”, 10", 12"
  • Average Installation Depth: 20 ft.
  • Design Load: 41 Kips
  • Average Installation Torque: 7,000 ft-lbs (63 kips)
  • Drive Head: DIGGA 12ALS; theoretical 12,445 ft-lbs @ 3,000 psi
  • Pile Termination: New Construction Pile Cap for Tension Resistance
  • Helical Pile Supplier: Danbro Distributors, Philadelphia, PA
  • Helical Pile Manufacturer: IDEAL Manufacturing, Rochester, MN

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