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2015 DFI Helical Piles & Tiebacks Seminar was Held in Newark, NJ on September 10th

by Bill Bonekemper

September, 2015

The Deep Foundations Institute Helical Piles and Tiebacks Committee (HPTC) held its annual seminar on September 10th in Newark, NJ.  The annual seminar is open to everyone who has interest in learning about product technology, application design, installation techniques, project histories and new research and testing methodologies. Close to 90 people attended this year’s seminar that was put together and managed by Mark Bryant, P.E. from MacLean Power Systems Civil Products Division.

Several of the speakers made presentations on the repair and rebuilding of houses and other structures that were damaged by Super Storm Sandy.  With the new FEMA flood codes in place, many property owners are moving forward with their plans to have their structures lifted or built from scratch to heights of eight feet or more above grade.  Helical piles are the preferred choice by engineers and contractors for building the new foundations for these coastline structures.  Below are a few pictures of some of these types of projects.

DFI - Deep Foundations Institute - Helical Pile World

A total of 13 presentations were delivered to attendees by speakers consisting of engineers, contractors and representatives from academia and they are listed below. People interested in obtaining any or all of these presentations can complete an order form (click here for the form), and then email the form to the following email address:

State of the Helical Products Industry - Gary L. Seider, P.E. | Hubbell Power Systems, Inc. / Chance®

Foundation Systems for Hurricane Prone Regions - Howard Perko, Ph.D., P.E. | Magnum Piering, Inc. / Slabjack, LLC

Evidence of Seismic Resistance of Helical Foundations - Howard Perko, Ph.D., P.E. | Magnum Piering, Inc. / Slabjack, LLC

Hurricane Sandy Helical Repair Projects - Alex Raposo | Earth Anchoring Suppliers

Proper Helical Pile Selection and Installation According to NYC DOB - Ryan Scall | Premium Technical Services

Asbury Park’s Beach Front Boardwalk - Steven P. Gencorelli, P.E. | Danbro Distributors - Chance Helical Piles Super

Lateral Load Tests of Helical Piles Used for Elevated Structure Support - Gary L. Seider, P.E. | Hubbell Power Systems, Inc. / Chance®

A Semi-Empirical Method to Estimate the Uplift Capacity of Helical Piles Based on SPT Results - Cristina de H. C. Tsuha, Ph.D. | University of Sao Paulo – Brazil

NYC Helical Pile Installation and Performance - Frank Scobbo | Foundation Systems of NY; David Frink | Ideal Manufacturing Inc.

Use of Advanced Micropile Slab Brackets - William C. Bracken, P.E. | Bracken Engineering, Inc.

Numerical Simulation of the Uplift Load-Displacement Behavior of a Single Helix Pile in Sand Considering the Installation Effects - Cristina de H. C. Tsuha, Ph.D. | University of Sao Paulo – Brazil

Helical Pile Design Process after Super Storm Sandy - Frank D'Angelo | DANBRO Distributors

Helical Pile Slope Reinforcement for an Emergency Wall Reconstruction - William Neptune and Scott Nye | Keystone Foundation Repair