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Staffing Changes at CTL Thompson

October 2018

After many years of leading the helical pile testing group at CTL Thompson,, Moncef Souissi has moved on to other pursuits.  He is focusing 100% of his energies into finishing his Ph.D. dissertation related to helical pile performance.  With an anticipated finish date of January 2019, Moncef will be working hard for the next few months to reach this life-long goal.  After that Moncef will be ready to re-enter the professional engineering marketplace to explore new opportunities and challenges.

Moncef’s duties at CTL Thompson have been re-distributed to Chip Leadbetter, Wayne Thompson, and Ryan Beck, each of whom has been involved with the program for five years or more.  “While there are always challenges in replacing experienced long-time employees, we are confident that we have the structure and processes in place to continue our tradition of comprehensive and accurate helical pile product testing and customer service,” said branch manager, Wayne Thompson.  “Chip will move back to being Director of the Testing Lab, a position he held from 2010 to 2013 and then again in 2016.  Ryan Beck will continue to act as Technical Director, a position he stepped into in 2017,” Thompson added.

“Given our in-depth knowledge of the requirements in AC358 plus our eleven years of testing and certification experience, we think CTL is uniquely qualified to help clients obtain an ICC-ES evaluation report,” says Chip Leadbetter - CTL’s IAS Lab Technical Manager.  “In an effort to provide even more value for our clients, CTL is now offering the service of completing the entire submittal package required by ICC-ES.  Preparing the submittal package once testing and calculations are completed is very time consuming and can be a bit overwhelming for helical manufacturers.  With our inherent knowledge and familiarity with the process, we feel this extension of our services will provide value for our customers. In other words, our clients provide us with their products, and we do the rest - a true one-stop shop,” Leadbetter added.

Wayne Thompson, P.E. | Branch Manager

CTL | Thompson, Inc.

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Fort Collins, CO 80524
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