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Attention Helical Pile Manufacturers - the AD HOC Committee is Coming Together Again to Work on Important Changes to the ESR Report Format

by Wayne Thompson

November, 2018

Recently, a few members of the industry expressed interest in re-convening the AC 358 Ad-Hoc committee.  There were a few specific requests, and I’m sure that other items may be addressed as we move forward.  The primary request is to get a common report format for all report holders.  Yamil and Danny at ICC are open to that idea and indicated that the common format will make things easier for them.  An additional request has already been made to discuss steel supply – specifically trying to define whether the products have steel direct from the mill, or from the secondary market.

In order to get things rolling, I propose to hold a conference call on Tuesday, December 18.  The best time would be 4 p.m. ET, 1 p.m. Pacific.  I can set up a call via GoToMeeting or Skype and get all interested parties on the line.  Several companies have already committed to participate, so please contact me and let me know if you have interest in participating.

In the meantime, the homework assignment is to come up with your favorite report format that is not your own.  By doing that, hopefully we can come to a quicker consensus.  Also feel free to add items to our list by contacting me prior to the conference call. I will send out a meeting agenda on the 14th, and I’ll send out a calendar invite this week.

CTL | Thompson

Thank you for your interest.

Wayne Thompson, P.E. | Branch Manager

CTL | Thompson, Inc.

400 North Link Lane

Fort Collins, CO 80524
Office: 970-206-9455

Direct: 970-224-7309
Cell: 720-347-0054