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A Close Up Look at Seven Helical Pile Manufacturers’ Products

HPW presents a detailed look at helical pile products manufactured by seven of the industry’s leading manufacturers - Ram Jack Systems Distribution, MacLean Power Systems - Civil Products Division - Foundation Supportworks - Hubbell-Chance - IDEAL Foundation Systems - Earth Contact Products and Empire Piers. . . more

Is it Time for Consolidation to Begin in the Helical Pile Industry?

Industry consolidation is a phenomenon that has been happening on the planet since the very first competitors realized that it made more financial sense to join forces rather than competing for the same dollar and watching that very dollar diminish in size . . . more

Helical Piles

From the Editor

Helical Pile Industry 2014 Review and 2015 Outlook

Recently HPW conducted a survey that included nine helical pile manufacturers and one distributor to gather data and insight into sales volume activity in 2014 versus 2013.  The survey also includes the groups’ outlook and forecasts for sales in 2015 . . . more

DFI Helical Piles & Tiebacks Committee is Soliciting Assistance for a Major Helical (Screw) Pile – Seismic Research Study Project is teaming with the DFI to assist with the dissemination of information to help form and launch this important project designed to increase the acceptance of helical (screw) piles in seismic zones D, E and F . . . more

Some Very Important Information about the State of Practice in the Helical Pile Industry was Presented at the DFI Helical Piles and Tiebacks Seminar in Early April 2014

Dr. Samuel Clemence, civil engineering professor at Syracuse University and a renowned helical pile researcher and author, presented the in-depth state of practice report that was commissioned by the Deep Foundations Institute . . . more

Helical Pile Industry 2013 Review and 2014 Outlook

Recently HPW conducted a survey that included seven helical pile manufacturers and one distributor to gather data and insight into sales volume activity in 2013 versus 2012.  The survey also includes the groups’ outlook and forecasts for sales in 2014 . . . more

A Close Look at Coastal Structure Timber Pile Foundation Repair

Ram Jack Foundation Solutions owner Rick Sykes provides a detailed look at his perfected process for repairing failed timber pile foundations for elevated structures on the eastern U.S. coastline . . . more

NEW The DFI Helical Piles and Tiebacks Committee is Proud to Announce the Launch of the Helical (Screw) Pile Seismic Research Study

Dr. Amy Cerato was recently given the approval to begin in May with Task #1 of the Helical (Screw) Pile Seismic Research Study - literature review and compilation.  Fund raising efforts are being stepped up as new volunteers have joined the team . . . more

NEW Opportunity Meets Need at CTL Thompson

When an experienced geotechnical engineering veteran with loads of experience on high profile projects along Colorado’s Front Range pays you a visit, you make time to have a chat . . . more

ONLY A FEW DAYS LEFT TO REGISTER - for YA Engineering’s Two Helical Piles Design, Installation and Testing Training Courses for May - in Houston and Kissimmee

The YA Engineering training courses are receiving excellent reviews from attendees, and two new seminars have been scheduled for May . . . more

Wayne Thompson Finds Some Worthwhile Reading for Helical Pile Manufacturers to Help When Ordering Certain Steel Products

Wayne’s New Year’s resolution to better manage the trade magazine pile on his desk pays off right away with a nice article in Modern Steel Construction magazine . . . more

PENGO Celebrating 65 Years in Business at World of Concrete 2015

2015 marks a milestone for PENGO as the company will be celebrating 65 years of providing ground engaging solutions . . . read about it now

DFI Helical (Screw) Pile Seismic Study Fund Raising Update

New contributors have stepped up with donation pledges as the fund raising effort gains momentum . . . more

DFI’s University PowerPoint Presentation on Helical Piles and Anchors has Been a Very Popular Download - 220 and Counting

Since its introduction in June 2014, the University PowerPoint presentation has been downloaded by more than 220 people, so we want to remind educators and others that may not be aware of its existence to learn about it now. . . more

GRL Engineers Perfects Dynamic Load Testing Services for Helical Piles and Saves Contractors Time and Money

Time is Money - and the GRL dynamic load testing solution saves a ton of time for contractors that need to include load tests costs in their bids - and the solution requires no reaction piles to be installed . . . more

Several DFI Members at the October Conference Volunteered to Help with Research and Design of a Helical Pile Design Guide

The first meeting was held on November 19th via a conference call, and team leader Wayne Thompson led the effort to develop the action plan . . . more

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All Archived News

NEW  IDEAL is Mighty Proud of Their Welding Team - and Rightfully So

Nine members of the IDEAL manufacturing welding team passed the Performance Qualification Test - on their very first attempt . . . read about it now

NEW  IDEAL Group is Exhibiting at SuperPile 2015 May 6 - 8 in Kissimmee, Florida

IDEAL’s Michael Perlow, Jr., P.E. and Dimitrios Konstantakos, P.E., Deep Excavtion, LLC will be presenting a new settlement-based design methodology in IDEAL’s booth . . . more

Empire Piers Moves All Manufacturing and Offices to New Facility in Winfield, MO Northwest of St. Louis

The move consolidated two company operations previously located in Crestwood and Louisiana and was made necessary by the company’s rapid growth since its founding in 2009 . . . more

ECP’s One Step Solar Foundation System is a Proven Winner for the Solar Power Industry

The round shaft helical pile solution provides the ultimate solution for fast and cost effective solar array foundations that can be loaded immediately after installation . . . more

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Archived Manufacturer News

HPW Industry News Articles

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Manufacturer News

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Installation Contractor News

NEW  Ram Jack Solid Foundations Installs a Whopping (450) Helical Piles to Support Williston, FL Fire and Rescue Structure Sitting on Top of a Sinkhole

The entire structure was underpinned and and grout was injected, plus new construction piles were also installed to support the new interior slab . . . read about it now

NEW  ECP Teams with Park Range Construction to Install (285) 1.75” RCS Deep Foundation Helicals for a Major Expansion for the Denver Post Office

Installation teams encountered a layer of very stiff soil between 10-15 feet but were able to drill through to the required 45 ft. final depth . . . read about it now

NEW  Foundation Supportworks by Thrasher Installs (18) Helical Piles to Support an Interior Brick Wall for the Historic Burlington Train Station Building

Contractor used a 2.00” RCS Stinger lead section followed by 3.50” round shaft extensions in order to penetrate cobbly sand and weathered shale soil layers . . . read about it now

NEW  Certified Foundations Installs (10) Helical Piles for Pedestrian Bridges Inside a Water Park in Indian Rocks, FL

The project was well underway when a design change order was approved, and placing the recommended helical piles necessitated some very creative thinking to gain access to pile positions . . . more

NEW  Helical Piles of NY Installs (45) Helical Pulldown Micropiles on a Very Difficult Site at the Tarrytown Waterfront Area

Unfortunately soil borings did not reveal the large amount of solid fill items that were encountered on the site which necessitated some on-the-fly adjustments to overcome . . . more

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HPW Featured Projects

HPW Featured Projects

Ram Jack Southeast Opens New Office in Knoxville, TN

The new office will provide services in the northwest Georgia and eastern Tennessee regions . . . more

Gulf Breeze, FL Home Saved from Massive Storm Damage Because of Helical Piles

On April 29th last year, the heaviest rainfall ever recorded in Pensacola, FL in a 24 hour period destroyed or severely damaged many, many houses, but this house was saved by helical piles . . . more

Affordable and Efficient House Raising Solution for Jersey Shore Homeowners

Ram Jack Foundation Solutions owner Rick Sykes teams with Ram Jack Corporate to develop the “Sandy Bracket” for raising Jersey Shore houses to meet FEMA regulations . . . more

Ram Jack Foundation Solutions Has Perfected Its Seawall and Bulkhead

Repair Technique

A patent pending system and years of experience has provided owner Rick Sykes and his team with a cost effective repair solution for damaged seawalls and bulkheads . . . more

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