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NEW Helical Pile Industry 2017 Review and 2018 Outlook

Recently HPW conducted a survey that included six helical pile manufacturers and two distributors to gather data and insight into sales volume activity in 2017 versus 2016.  The survey also includes the groups’ outlook and forecasts for sales in 2018 . . . more

HPW Takes A Close Up Look at Eleven Helical Pile Manufacturers’ Products

HPW presents a detailed look at helical pile products manufactured by eleven of the industry’s leading manufacturers - Earth Contact Products, GoliathTech, Helical Anchors, Inc., Hubbell Power Systems - Chance, IDEAL Foundation Systems, MacLean Power Systems - Civil Products Division, Patriot Foundation Systems, PierTech Systems, Ram Jack Systems Distribution, Supportworks, and Techno Metal Post    . . . more

Helical Pile Industry 2016 Review and 2017 Outlook

Recently HPW conducted a survey that included nine helical pile manufacturers and one distributor to gather data and insight into sales volume activity in 2016 versus 2015.  The survey also includes the groups’ outlook and forecasts for sales in 2017 . . . more

A Snapshot Look at Average Installed Helical Pile Prices Across the United States

What is the average cost of a 20’ deep helical pile?  HPW is asked this question frequently, and our first response is . . . more

HPW Polls Helical Pile and Anchor Manufacturers to Determine the Combined Annual Revenue for Products Sold Into both the Civil and Utility Markets - Incredible Growth Over the Last Ten or So Years

The majority of manufacturers are willing to share revenue numbers while others have no interest in sharing at all.  The result of the survey yields what we feel is an accurate approximation of annual revenues for U.S. manufacturers for both the civil and utility markets . . . more

NEW  Phases I, II & III of the DFI Helical (Screw) Pile Seismic Study are Now Completed and Results are Available

Phase I - Dr. Amy Cerato’s paper titled “A Critical Review: State of Knowledge in Seismic Behavior of Helical Piles” is available for downloading.  Phase II - the full-scale shake table load tests are completed.  Phase III - all data from shake table testing are available for downloading . . . more

NEW Only Three Weeks Until IFCEE in Orlando, FL - click here to register

NEW Pengo has an Opening for an Engineering Manager

The Engineering Manager will provide leadership and direction in terms of engineering standards, project prioritization and assignment, manufacturing engineering, new product development and quality assurance . . . more

DIGGA's Impressive Line of Anchor Drives - Plus Several More Innovative Solutions for Helical Pile Installers

From initially operating out of a phone booth in Brisbane Caravan Park Australia in 1981, to building an international supplier of helical anchor and auger drive products, DIGGA founder Stewart Wright’s vision has grown well beyond the company’s first small factory located in Brisbane in 1982 . . . more

CTL | Thompson Founder Bob Thompson has Been Named as the 2017 Recipient of the ENR Mountain States Legacy Award

CTL | Thompson is the largest full-service geotechnical, structural, environmental and materials engineering firm headquartered in Denver, and the company has the only helical pile testing lab in the world that can perform all tests required by ICC-ES AC358 - acceptance criteria for helical piles  . . . more

DFI Helical Piles and Tiebacks Committee Helical (Screw) Pile Seismic Research Study Update

Phase I - Literature Review - of the study is now complete as Dr. Amy Cerato recently submitted the final (91) page paper to the DFI for publication . . . more

International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO) has Decided to Offer Code Certification Service for Helical Piles for Recognition by the International Residential Code (IRC)

Does the U.S. helical pile industry really need another certification – especially one that is restricted to just the residential marketplace . . . more

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Marketplace Archived News

From the Editor

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Helical Pile Manufacturers & Distributors

NEW Danbro’s Nick Gill Provides Much Appreciated Support for Installation Equipment, Training and Project Site Support for Installers

Recently Nick provided technical support for installer Cornerstone Masonry on a senior citizen apartment building project in Seaside Heights, NJ . . . more

NEW ECP Will be Exhibiting at IFCEE in Booth #179 March 6-10 in Orlando, FL

The company will be exhibiting its full line of helical pile products including (4) products recently awarded certification ESR-3359 from ICC-ES . . . more

NEW MacLean Civil Recently Received a Revised ESR-3032 from ICC-ES

The revisions resulted in very significant increases in ultimate and allowable capacities for the MCP D10 1.75” RCS product . . . read about it now

NEW IDEAL Group Will be Exhibiting at IFCEE 2018 in Pavilion #120

IDEAL is excited to be introducing the newest member of the team who has a wealth of experience in the geo-structural industry . . . more

NEW  MacLean Civil Products Will be Exhibiting in IFCEE in Booth #115

Company will be featuring their high capacity grouted helical piles as well as helical piles certified under ICC-ES ESR-3032. . . more

Empire Piers Receives ESR-4050 from ICC-ES for (2) of the Company’s Helical Piles and (4) Brackets

Empire’s 2.875” (73mm) x .276” (7mm) wall and 3.50” (89mm) x .300” (7.6mm) wall products were certified along with (4) of the company’s brackets . . . more

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Archived Manufacturer News

NEW  Supportworks Teams with Thrasher to Install (84) Helical Piles for a Progressive Protein Warehouse in Omaha

Helical piles were selected over drilled piers due to a limited working area and a very tight project deadline . . . read about it now

NEW  Techno Metal Post Dealer Installs (148) Helical Screw Piles for a Baseball Stadium Dome in Quebec City

This (80) ft, high inflatable structure covers the synthetic surface of the baseball stadium and enables the field to be used during winter . . . more

NEW  IDEAL Teams with S&B Drilling to Install (102) Helical Piles for a Boardwalk Pipeline Project in Brighton, CO

Concrete Sono-Tube foundations were not suitable on their own because of the load requirements needed due to chronic flooding in the area . . . more

NEW  Ram Jack Pacific Installs 5.50” Helical Piles to Support Light and Banner Poles at Sea World in San Diego

A very high traffic area in the park was in need of a fast and clean installation of the helical piles to support the lights and banners . . . read about it now

Supportworks Teams with Alpha Foundation Specialists to Install (32) Helicast Piles at Florida State University

A spectrograph was to be installed on a two foot thick mat foundation and the vertical deflection specification was just 1/32 of an inch . . . read about it now

Ram Jack of Tennessee Installs (10) Helical Piles to Restore the Foundation of a House in Buchanan Tennessee

The settling foundation on this brick house was first repaired thirty years ago using inferior methods that didn’t last . . . read about it now

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HPW Featured Projects

HPW Industry News Articles

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Manufacturer & Distributor News

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Installation Contractor News

HPW Featured Projects

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Helical Pile Installers

NEW  TorcSill Foundations Recently Announced the Acquisition of Ark-La-Tex Helical Based in Marshall, TX

According to company officials, this strategic acquisition expands TorcSill’s operating districts from eight to nine nationwide . . . more

NEW  Torcsill Foundations Announces the Appointment of Richard Knapp as Vice President of Operations

Knapp will be based in the Pasadena headquarters and will have oversight of all activities within the Manufacturing and Construction Services divisions . . . read about it now

Torcsill Foundations Announces Appointment of Tim Swift as Company’s New Chief Executive Officer

Formerly the general manager, Swift will now have responsibility for all of the company’s operations . . . more

Torcsill Foundations Recently Announced the Appointment of Tim Swift as Company’s General Manager

Previously Swift was director of manufacturing and also had leadership roles in district management and sales . . . more

Ram Jack Foundation Solutions Owner,

HPW is Pleased to Welcome Torcsill Foundations as a New Participant on Our Site, and Torcsill Recently Announced the Acquisition of AnchorPipe International

Founded in 2014 and with headquarters located in Pasadena, TX near Houston, Torcsill offers engineering, manufacturing and installation services of helical pile foundations . . . more

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