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Helical Pile Industry 2013 Review and 2014 Outlook

Recently HPW conducted a survey that included seven helical pile manufacturers and one distributor to gather data and insight into sales volume activity in 2013 versus 2012.  The survey also includes the groups’ outlook and forecasts for sales in 2014 . . . more

A Close Up Look at Three Helical Pile Manufacturers’ Products

HPW presents a detailed look at helical pile products manufactured by three of the industry’s leading manufacturers - Ram Jack Systems Distribution, MacLean Power Systems - Civil Products Division and Foundation Supportworks . . . more

A Close Look at Coastal Structure Timber Pile Foundation Repair

Ram Jack Foundation Solutions owner Rick Sykes provides a detailed look at his perfected process for repairing failed timber pile foundations for elevated structures on the eastern U.S. coastline . . . more

Climate Change - Hurricanes - Helical Piles

More severe storms with rising sea levels and greater tidal surges are wreaking havoc on coastal homes and businesses.  Helical Piles have been used successfully to repair damaged coastal structures, and professionals are starting to seek more information about their use for new construction and repair . . . more

Helical Pile Industry 2012 Review and 2013 Outlook

Recently HPW conducted a survey that included seven helical pile manufacturers and one distributor to gather data and insight into sales volume activity in 2012 versus 2011.  The survey also includes the groups’ outlook and forecasts for sales in 2013 . . . more

ICC-ES and A.B. Chance / Hubbell Respond to HPW Editorial Opinion Concerning the Potential for an Uneven Playing Field Relative to ICC-ES Helical Pile Product Certifications

On August 16th HPW published an editorial opinion about the recently awarded code certification ESR-2794 for two A.B. Chance round corner square bar helical piles - the SS5 and the SS175 and related caps and brackets.  The link to the editorial opinion can be found below.  Since the editorial was published, HPW has been in discussion with representatives from both ICC-ES and A.B. Chance / Hubbell, and HPW has posted each company’s response letters . . . more

A Potentially Uneven Playing Field has been Created for the Helical Pile Industry by the International Code Council Evaluation Services (ICC-ES™)

HPW challenges ICC-ES staff to re-examine the recently issued ESR-2794 - the code certification for two A.B. Chance round corner square shaft helical pile products and related caps and brackets.  Several questions are raised about the relative adherence to the guidelines for capacity verifications as defined in AC358 - the acceptance criteria for helical piles and helical pile systems . . . more on this editorial opinion

HPW Industry News Articles

HAL Gets High Marks from U.S. and International Helical Pile Installers

Since its 2012 introduction, HAL (Heritage Anchor Lift) customers credit the innovative helical pile installation system for improving installation efficiencies and significantly reducing labor costs . . more

A Word of Caution for Helical Pile Manufacturers about Material Specifications - Steel Yield & Ultimate Strength

CTL Thompson’s Wayne Thompson provides excellent insight and a word of caution for manufacturers who may experience fluctuations in yield and ultimate strength ratings from their steel suppliers . . . more

Deep Foundations Institute (DFI) Introduces a University Presentation on Helical Piles and Anchors

The educational presentation provides introductory-level information for professors to use to introduce helical pile and anchor products and solutions to geotechnical engineering students . . . more

Helical Pile Connection Bolts - SAE or ASTM?

A few seemingly minor differences are in fact not so minor when

it comes to structural engineering calculations . . . more

GRL Engineers High Strain Dynamic Load Test Case Study for Helical Pile Project at Dow Chemical Site

A case study on High Strain Dynamic Load Tests (HSDLT) on (4) 9.63” diameter helical piles with 20” - 24” helix bearing plates at a Dow Chemical project site in Midland, MI. . . . more

A New Standard for Hollow Structural Sections (HSS) - ASTM A1085

Wayne Thompson from CTL/Thompson provides insight on the new specification and the potential impact for the helical pile industry . . . more

Historic Colorado Floods - Unimaginable Destruction, Pain and Suffering Plus Enormous Rebuilding Costs

It is very hard for anyone not affected by the recent Colorado floods to imagine the scope of the devastation and the physical and emotional pain inflicted upon residents and businesses.  Helical piles will be an important component in the rebuilding efforts . . . more

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Manufacturer News

MPS Civil Group on the Move in U.S. and International Markets

MPS Civil Group (MPS) has been very busy showcasing its helical pile and helical anchor products and hosting new international clients . . . more

Foundation Supportworks’ Senior Geotechnical Engineer, Don Deardorff, Provides Insight on the Value of Thorough Soil Investigations

Identifying suitable bearing stratum is paramount for design engineers in order to avoid potential costly change orders on deep foundation projects . . . more

MPS Civil Products Group Continues to Be An Industry Leader with Current Helical Product Accreditations

MPS was one of the first helical manufacturers to receive ICC-ES certifications and today still leads the industry with certifications for (4) products. In 2013 MPS Civil was also awarded its LA Research report . . . more

Ram Jack’s ESR1854 is Updated by ICC-ES to Include Compliance with the 2010 Florida Building Code

Ram Jack’s helical pile products are certified for certain design wind loads and load combinations . . . read about it now - scroll down to last page

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Archived Manufacturer News

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Installation Contractor News

HPW Featured Projects

Affordable and Efficient House Raising Solution for Jersey Shore Homeowners

Ram Jack Foundation Solutions owner Rick Sykes teams with Ram Jack Corporate to develop the “Sandy Bracket” for raising Jersey Shore houses to meet FEMA regulations . . . more

Ram Jack Foundation Solutions Has Perfected Its Seawall and Bulkhead

Repair Technique

A patent pending system and years of experience has provided owner Rick Sykes and his team with a cost effective repair solution for damaged seawalls and bulkheads . . . more

Foundation Supportworks Teams with Foundation Repair of California to Repair a Large Duck Hunting Lodge

This large wooden lodge located in Colusa County, CA required (137) helical piles to correct problems resulting from nine inches of settlement . . . more

Ram Jack Solid Foundations Repairs 13th Street Bridge in Gainesville, FL after Damage from Tropical Storm Debbie

As part of a renovation project by the City of Gainesville Community Redevelopment Agency, an old rail bridge was being converted into a pedestrian bridge . . . more

AB Chance Teams with EBS Geostructural to Install 730 Helical Piles for a 12 Story Condominium in Canada

Cobbles and obstructions from an old factory made this site challenging, but the helical piles with a 6” grout columns were successfully installed with 150 kip compression capacities . . . more

Florida Foundation Repair Installs 17 Helical Piles to Repair a House with a Challenging Screened-In Porch

A previous customer of Florida Foundations referred his neighbor whose foundation settlement repair required extreme care to preserve a large picture window and a finished patio . . . read about it now

Ram Jack Foundation Solutions Successfully Repairs a Badly Damaged House in North Carolina

The house had settled as much as 8.5” and there were a host of other problems discovered during the repair . . . more

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HPW Featured Projects

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